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Mid Region Access

mid region access

Highway Access to the Continental Highway System (Bradfield Road)

This highway corridor would connect Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Petersburg to the Cassiar Highway in Canada. A route has not been selected between the terminus (on Bradfield Canal) of the proposed Revillagigedo Highway connection to Ketchikan and the future highway junction in Canada. The basic choice is between one of two large river valleys on the Alaska side of the border. There is also the question of how best to link Wrangell and Petersburg. In Canada, construction of new highway is required to reach the international border.

A reconnaissance study was completed on the Southeast Alaska Mid-Region Access Study. The study was performed by consultants under the direction of the Federal Highway Administration. Addressed are three potential mid-region access transportation corridors:

Bradfield Canal Corridor
Stikine River Corridor
Aaron Creek Corridor

The Study addresses traffic projections, port feasibility, engineering feasibility, construction unit cost analysis, snow avalanche assessment, and operations and maintenance cost analysis and provides a comparison of cost to construct, operate and maintain each of the three alternatives carried forward in the study. An Overview and Summary of the study are posted below. To review the technical memorandums follow the link to the right.