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Sitka Sawmill Creek Road Pedestrian Improvements, Project # Z-68100-0000 / 0933042

Sitka Sawmill Road

Project Description

The Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) proposes to enhance pedestrian and bicycle access on Sawmill Creek Road from the Roundabout to Jeff Davis Street.

Sawmill Creek Road is heavily traveled by vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists despite inadequate facilities for all. The purpose of this project is to make the road more accessible to bicyclists while maintaining the level of service to vehicular traffic.

Bicycle travel can be precarious for bicyclists and drivers given heavy traffic at times and the presence of parked cars creating blind spots. Restricted parking and dedicated bicycle paths would improve conditions for bicyclists. The proposed project would involve full pavement rehabilitation to reduce long term maintenance costs and improve ride comfort. Utility poles are currently located in the sidewalk. At utility poles locations sidewalks would be "bumped out" away from the curb and onto acquired property to create ADA compliant clearance by creating new space for the sidewalk. The storm drain system is more than 50 years old and needs replacement to restore proper function.

The projects would:

  • Remove and resurface pavement.
  • Replace curbs and curb ramps.
  • Install full width ADA compliant pedestrian sidewalk on south side of roadway.
  • Install full width ADA compliant sidewalk on north side which involves either relocating utility poles or to install "bump-in" sidewalks around existing poles. Both sidewalk options require acquiring ROW from adjoining properties.
  • Bring bus shelters to ADA specifications by acquiring minor areas of ROW to enhance access.
  • Replace underground storm drain system including curb inlets and grates.
  • Reconfigure the De Groff Street-Sawmill Creek Road intersection to better delineate traffic.
  • Install dedicated bike lanes on each side of the traveled roadway lanes.
  • Vacate existing parking on south side of Sawmill Cr. Rd. to allow for dedicated bicycle lanes.
  • Realign a portion of existing bicycle path at Jeff Davis St. to line up with cross walk.
  • Provide new signage and road striping.

  • Newly Proposed Project Activities:

  • Construct two new crosswalks that might include associated streetlights across Sawmill Creek Road near the Geodetic Way intersection, and near the De Groff Street intersection.
  • Lighting might be installed at existing crosswalks, pending the results of a light study.

  • Construction is projected to begin in 2022.