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The Alaska Traffic Manual (ATM) is the standard for traffic control devices on public roads in Alaska. It consists of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and the Alaska Traffic Manual Supplement (ATMS). It references the Alaska Sign Design Specifications (ASDS), which is the sign layout standard for Alaska public roads.

Interim Addenda:

Errata to 2016 ATMS

Prior ATMS Versions
Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

2009 Edition, December 2009 with Revisions 1 & 2. link exits this website
This version is effective in Alaska 06/16/16.

The ASDS is the sign layout standard for Alaska public roads. It consists of the federal Standard Highway Signs and Markings (SHSM) book and the ASDS supplement.

Current ASDS, Effective 1/23/15
Standard Highway Signs and Markings (Federal)
ARCHIVE: Earlier Versions of the ASDS

Alaska’s Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) is a federally-mandated program managed by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF).  Its purpose is to reduce fatalities and serious injuries due to crashes on Alaskan roads.

2021 HSIP Handbook PDF (1.2MB) Revised 4/2/2021
ZIP File 2021 HSIP Handbook ZIP File ZIP File(4.4 MB) Revised 4/2/2021

To ensure apples-to-apples comparison of projects, the logic and constants in the following Excel spreadsheets should not be changed. If you feel changes are necessary, please contact the state traffic engineer.
High Accident Location Screening (244 k) Revised 4/2/2021
Pre-Project Ranking, Post-Project Evaluation(385 k) Revised 4/2/2021
Regional Proposed Project Summary(2 MB) Revised 4/2/2021
Regional HSIP Annual Report Worksheet(350 k) Revised 4/2/2021

Traffic and Safety Related Content

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